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Every story matters, we help you tell them.

And So We Go Productions creates solutions for your visual media needs. We specialize in commercial videography and branding. We learn about and understand your story, and turn it into inspirational and useful products for promotion and marketing. Our services not only focus on the best parts of your organization, they also relate to your customers by highlighting the human side of your company. We tell the stories of people and institutions who are the movers and shakers of their communities.  



The key to developing a compelling story lies in the extensive discovery phase we have with our clients. We take time to understand every aspect of the brand before we even draw out any plans. Our success depends on having a complete grasp of the identity, vision and culture of your company. This way, the final product represents your brand in a relatable and compelling way to the audience.



We work hand-in-hand with our clients to develop eye-catching, beautiful content. More than that, we make sure that the story engages and moves your audience to act on your call-to-action. Making sure that the beauty and art have substance, we apply the content in the most effective way. We take seriously the task of getting your story out to as many of the right people as possible. 


We make the magic happen with cinematic filmmaking and editing. The heart and soul of your brand comes alive on screen with narrative that immerses and captures your audience's attention. But we don't stop after delivering the footage and film to you; we quantify impressions and views so that we can give you results that not only have intrinsic value, but also have empirical and results-driven value. 

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