Building Relationships and Breaking Down Walls

Short-term mission trips have the reputation for not being as beneficial as participants' intentions think they would be. In fact, many will attest that those who are receiving the help have to stop what they're doing to accommodate the foreigners who have come to their aid. Sometimes, a new group arrives every week, so they just do the same thing the previous team did—move the same pile of rocks to where they were sitting last week. Or so stories like these go. Granted, some of these anecdotes may be true, many people still have differing opinions on the value of short-term missions.


Creating a video that offers a nuanced perspective of international short-term mission trips. 


Focus on the years that First Presbyterian Church of Macon, and Reformed University Fellowship at Mercer University, have spent to build up the deep connections, strong relationships and mutual vision for Casa Hogar—an orphanage in Acapulco, Mexico.

It's not your typical come-here-for-a-week-and-have-fun-and-leave-and-never-come-back trip, it's more like because-we-keep-coming-back-we-get-to-learn-about-every-child-and-staff-member-and-learn-to-appreciate-each-other's-cultures-and-become-deeply-invest-in-each-other's-lives kind of trip. 


Used for church mission conferences to encourage member participation in missions

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Continued passion for RUF Mercer students to go to Acapulco for Spring Break 2018