Transforming a Parking Deck Into a Downtown Hangout


NewTown Macon came to And So We Go Productions with an idea that sounded pretty crazy in the beginning. They wanted to host a community event on top of a parking deck in the middle of downtown Macon. To do this, they acquired a grant from the Knight Foundation and invited the community for a concert, beer and yoga (among other activities) on the deck. The site overlooked the iconic Macon banner that boasts "Where the South Rocks," and gave plenty of reason for people to spend time in such a cool spot. 


Create an immersive promo that showed the diversity and the fun of the Garage PARKlet.


We wanted to show the transformation of the parking deck from empty and underutilized, to full of life and activity. Initially, we wanted to create a series of time-lapses that would potentially show the change that the parking deck would undergo. With the time limit and pace of the video, however, we focused instead on the immersion part, got rid of the time-lapse idea, and had a Mercer University student pull us from an abandoned parking lot into an activity-filled concert area. 

We also wanted to highlight the faces of the community. Ultimately, the Garage PARKlet showcased that underutilized places in Macon could be activated for the purpose of bringing people together. And that's precisely what happened.