Opening the Streets

Bike Walk Macon held their second annual Open Streets Macon event in the fall of 2017. Creating a time to encourage bikers and pedestrians to freely roam the streets isn't a new concept, but it's a necessary new way of thinking in Macon. With a growing urban core, the need for pedestrian and bike-friendly streets has become ever present. This event sought out to move people out and take over the streets and show the community how much more connected and united it can be. Open Streets gives a glimpse of a future where walking and biking won't be just an annual activity, but a part of daily life in Macon.


Create an engaging, modern film that showcases the community's unity and togetherness. We needed to continue the conversation on pedestrian safety in the city and the growing interest in biking in the urban core.


We wanted to transfer the energy of the afternoon on screen, so we employed fast-moving transitions that went from one activity to the next. Seamlessly stitching scenes together allowed us to showcase the amount of diverse activities with which community members could join and enjoy with their friends and family. Lastly, we heard from several Maconites about the impact and meaning of Open Streets Macon, so that we could integrate relatability and connection to the viewers.