Student Leadership Matters

NCLC (National Campus Leadership Council) brings together hundreds of student leaders from across the country every year to share and learn from each other's campuses on how to deal with campus issues like mental health, sexual assault, college affordability, inclusivity and many other topics. They also bring in experts and government figures to help student body presidents engage with these issues on both local and nationwide scales.

180+ SGA presidents from across the nation came together for this year's summit. There's nothing like seeing our nation's future leaders join together to make a difference in their respective campuses.

And So We Go Productions' goal was to tell a modern, engaging story that focused on the impact and influence that student body leaders have on their campuses. Andy MacCracken, co-founder and executive director of NCLC, points out that throughout modern US history, movements that caused great change in the social status quo have been started in some part by student body presidents. It was essential that we told a story from the perspective of SGA presidents who have all come together to solve contemporary college issues.