Change is Yours

Mercer University challenged us to update their admissions video with a theme reflecting their tagline, "At Mercer, Everyone Majors in Changing the World." Recognizing the potential for overusing the word "change," we landed on the theme "Change is Yours." This emphasized personal ownership of the change-making process, aligning with Mercer's commitment to equipping students with the tools to shape the world. The resulting video is now a highlight of university orientations, showcasing the dynamic blend of academics, athletics, and service opportunities that foster future changemakers at Mercer.


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Refounding Macon:
Part 1

"Refounding Macon is presented by Mercer's Beloved Community Initiative with And So We Go Productions. It's made possible with the help of many local historians and community activists and with funding by the Griffith Foundation and the Spencer B. King Center for Southern Studies.

Four films, 12-20 minutes each, tell the story of Macon's racial history. They are designed to spark meaningful conversations in Sunday schools, civic groups, classrooms, neighbor get-togethers, and anywhere Maconites gather to seek racial justice." - Mercer University




Tell the Story of Macon's Racial Past

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Video production crew setting up cameras, lights and equipment on colorful sports field surrounded by trees, preparing to film on location. The crew's gear and purposeful arrangement on the turf highlights the process of creating professional video content in an outdoor setting.